Three months after he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, All Black legend Sir Colin Meads broke his media silence - to win tickets to Justin Bieber.

The 80-year-old sporting hero was diagnosed with cancer in August, with his family asking for privacy at the time.

But this morning, the former All Black called radio station ZM to win concert tickets for his granddaughter Abbe.

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The phone call came during a segment called The Fame Game, where listeners try to get the most famous person they know to call the hosts.

Breakfast hosts Fletch, Vaughan and Megan were left stunned when they took the call.

"I'm Sir Colin Meads and I've got a granddaughter who wants to see Justin Bieber," said Sir Colin.

"She's me granddaughter ... and a very nice one at that."

The hosts then asked if Sir Colin was familiar with Bieber, who announced his first NZ stadium show this morning.

"I know, I've seen him singing. I do know Justin Bieber, not personally. But I've seen him on TV."

They also asked if he would consider attending the show with his granddaughter.

"I'm not well enough to but no doubt she'll be taking her boyfriend or her mother or her sister."

Despite receiving calls from a number of famous Kiwis, including Scott Dixon, Georgia Nott from Broods and the Briscoes lady, the hosts determined Sir Colin was the most famous of all their callers, much to Abbe's delight.