Making a Murderer's

Steven Avery has reportedly ended his engagement to Lynn Hartman.

A source close to Avery's family told People the relationship is "over already" following mounting tensions between Hartman and the family due to their suspicions of her intentions.

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The source claims Avery and Hartman have not spoken since taping segments for a Dr. Phil special together.

The source says: "Something happened at Dr. Phil", but it's unclear what particularly as Harman declined to comment.

Apparently the Avery clan was suspicious of Harman from the get go, months before she and Avery had even met in person.

"She sent him a letter eight months ago, and they started writing back and forth to each other," the source said.

"If you look at the pictures of that first meeting [in prison], you can see she looks so uncomfortable touching him. I think she thought in her head, 'I can't actually have sex with this person.'

"The family thinks she is trying to cash in by doing interviews, and now she'll do even more about the break up."

The source also claims Hartman insisted Avery drop several of his long-time supporters and relatives - including his parents - from his visitors list.

"Steven's mother is devastated because this woman has put a wedge between Steven and his family," they said.

"The family feels the need to protect him from this woman."