Kim Kardashian's main bodyguard declared on Twitter how the job requires "dedication, responsibility and passion" just hours before she had a gun pointed at her head.

She was not under protection from Pascal Duvier when she was robbed because he was with her sisters Kourtney and Kendall Jenner as they enjoyed a night out at the Arc nightclub in Paris, the Daily Mail reports.
Kim Kardashian held at gunpoint in Paris
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They rushed back to the apartment after hearing of the heist.

After the terrifying ordeal early on Monday morning, Kardashian fled France in a private jet and arrived back in New York.


The reality star, 35, had millions of dollars worth of jewellery stolen by five armed masked men dressed as police officers.

Only four days earlier she had praised Duvier when he tackled a self-described "Entertainment Hollywood reporter" from Ukraine to the ground.

She seemed excited to have the man mountain keeping her safe and told her 48 million followers on Twitter:

On Sunday, before the incident took place, she also joked about Duvier crashing her paparazzi shots in a picture of the pair.

However at the time of the armed robbery, in Hotel de Pourtalès, a luxury apartment block in the eighth district of Paris behind the Madeleine church, Duvier was not with Kardashian.

Duvier, a father-of-two, looked after Justin Timberlake before being taken on first by rapper Kanye West and then the Kardashian family of reality show fame, after Kanye and Kim became an item.

But Matt Fiddes, who worked as Jackson's bodyguard for more than 10 years, said he was stunned the robbers had even got past the front door of the luxury Hotel de Pourtalès Kim was staying in - let alone to her bedroom.

He said Kardashian should "review her staff and wipe the slate clean" following the ordeal.

He told MailOnline: "There should have been at least six guards outside the apartment she was in and security inside and cameras on the door looking out.

"There should also have been sensor maps in place and they should also have been linked to the police.

"It is negligence on the part of her security team. It really isn't that difficult."

Duvier was also criticised by fans after the incident with one saying he will have "a little explaining to do to Kanye".

Others speculated as to why he was not there when his client was being held at gunpoint.

Responding to Kim's gushing tweet to her 'G' four days ago, one commented: "Yikes, you really sure he is?"

Another wrote: "Well this is awkward [now]."

A photographer, who has been following Kim since she arrived in Paris, is being questioned by police.