There are fears that two smartphones snatched by thieves who held Kim Kardashian at gunpoint as they raided her luxury apartment could reveal intimate secrets about the reality TV star.

The mother-of-two had a gun put to her temple and was tied up and locked in a bathroom while the masked raiders stole NZ$15 million of jewellery and other items.

Among the stolen haul were two smartphones, which had been left in the Paris apartment that was targeted in the early hours of this morning.

And now there are fears that the two gadgets could contain unseen pictures of Kim, her husband Kanye West and her two children North, three, and 10-month-old Saint, meaning she could become the victim of a celebrity leak, according to the Daily Mail.


The 35-year-old is known for snapping selfies at every opportunity and has even shared a string of intimate naked images online, which she censored herself.

One of them included a snap she posted earlier this year which showed her completely naked in her bathroom mirror.

However, it is understood that Kim took that picture months before she shared it online and she had it saved on her phone unedited.

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Meanwhile, the TV personality has also been open about how she and her husband often send explicit text messages to each other.

And if similar pictures or text messages exist on the smartphones that were stolen from the apartment, the thieves may choose to leak them online or hold Kardashian and her family to ransom for their privacy.

However, it is yet to be confirmed who the two smartphones stolen in the raid belonged to or exactly what content was on them.

Kim had been in the French capital for Paris Fashion Week and had already attended shows by Balenciaga and Givenchy on Sunday evening.

However, in the early hours of Monday morning, the TV star was robbed by five armed men wearing ski masks and clothes with police markings. At around 3am, the robbers entered the building after the concierge let them in.

Handcuffed and at gunpoint, he then led them to the starlet's flat. Kim reportedly 'begged for her life' and told the gunmen she had children at home when two of them entered her room and held the gun to her head.

The men stole a jewellery box worth €6 million (NZ$9.25 million) and a ring worth €4 million ($6.17 million), prompting fears that the valuables were personal ones, and not just jewellery Kim was borrowing for fashion week.

Her spokesperson told that Kim was left "badly shaken but physically unharmed".

Hours later she fled Paris and boarded a private jet for New York, where she was reunited with her rapper husband who had been playing a gig in the city.

There was a huge security presence outside their Manhattan home this afternoon - after her security team were blasted for allowing the robbers to reach her Paris bedroom.