Brangelina's six children are said to be desperate to see Brad Pitt as the actor turns to Jolie's dad to play peacemaker.

HollywoodLife reported that Angelina Jolie and Pitt's children are keen to have contact again with their dad who they haven't seen since Jolie filed for divorce. They are said to miss him terribly while they remain holed up in Jolie's rented Malibu mansion.

Jolie took Maddox, 15, Pax, 12, Zahara, 11, Shiloh, 10, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 8, with her when she fled the family home.

Angelina Jolie with daughter Zahara, and Brad Pitt with Maddox in 2006. Photo / AP
Angelina Jolie with daughter Zahara, and Brad Pitt with Maddox in 2006. Photo / AP

Pitt is also reportedly desperate to see the kids but making contact could be difficult after Jolie allegedly blocked his number, reported HollywoodLife.


As the divorce saga drags on and plays out under the scrutiny of the media and public Pitt is said to have turned to Jolie's father, actor Jon Voight, to play peacemaker, reported the Daily Mirror.

"Brad has made an effort to make contact and is keen to try and improve the situation between them," an insider told the Daily Mirror.

"He's hoping his good relationship with Angelina [Jolie]'s family will help to build bridges. He's spoken to her dad Jon and hopes he may be able to play peacemaker. It's a very tricky time for the family but Brad hasn't given up hope yet."

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Jolie was estranged from her dad for years after he left the family when she was just a small child. He reportedly cheated on her mum, something Jolie took personally. Voight also made numerous remarks about his daughter to the media during their years of estrangement which only made things worse.

The pair reportedly put their differences aside and reconciled in 2010.

Voight has stayed fairly quiet on the issue only making one public comment so far.

"It's very sad," the veteran actor said.

"Something very serious must have happened for Angie to make a decision like this. I don't know what it is. Say a little prayer."