There's nothing like some friendly competition, right? Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow, aka Monica and Phoebe from the popular sitcom Friends, have demonstrated that they're still good pals - and that they still recall a thing or two about the show that ran from 1994-2004.

When the real-life friends and ex-colleagues appeared on a recent episode of Celebrity Name Game (a show where contestants have to guess the name of famous people and characters based on clues provided by a fellow celebrity/contestant), they were given a bonus round of questions ... about Friends, of course.

Cox, 52, who is an executive producer on the show, gave Friend-ly clues while Kudrow, 53, had to guess as many of the answers as she could in 45 seconds.

"Where we had coffee," Cox says.


"Central Perk!" answers Kudrow, without even a pause.

"You sang a song about it."

"Smelly Cat!" Kudrow fires back.

"We had lunch with her every day; she was on the show."

"Jennifer Aniston!"

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There were even a couple of impersonations thrown in, just for good measure.

"What Joey would say," says Cox.

"How you doin'," replies Kudrow, mimicking Matt LeBlanc's famous catchphrase.

Then Cox does an impersonation of fellow castmate David Schwimmer with a depressed sounding "Hi".

"Ross?" Kudrow guesses, naming Schwimmer's character rather than the actor himself, as the buzzer goes off signalling the end of the round.

Kudrow stumbled on only one other clue: "He was across the way. We would look at him through binoculars," says Cox, gesturing wildly.

"Naked Ugly Guy," answers Kudrow, incorrectly inverting the first two words, before Cox helps her get it right.

All in all, not a bad result for a show that aired 20 years ago!

Watch the whole clip here: