A lot of scary movies have been released this year, but none as horrifying as this.

Rats, the latest film from Supersize Me documentarian Morgan Spurlock, takes a look at the creepy, disease-ridden vermin rapidly infesting the globe. It is the stuff of nightmares.

In a trailer, Spurlock talks to Ed Sheehan, an exterminator who has 40 years of experience dealing with rats.

"They say in New York City there's a rat for every person. I think there's more," Sheehan says.


Sheehan then goes on to explain how rats swim up through sewers and into people's homes, and what happens when they attack.

"A rat, when he bites you, he twists," he says.

The film debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival last week and has received a positive response from critics.

"With Rats, Morgan Spurlock delivers the rare doc that also functions like a shock-horror movie," wrote the LA Times.

Screen International simply wrote: "Put it this way: you'll make sure the toilet seat is firmly shut when you're in New York City - or anywhere else - from now on."

On Twitter Spurlock urged people not to eat anything while watching the film in case it makes them sick. "I would not advise that with #rats," he wrote.


will screen on the Discovery Channel on October 22 in the US. A New Zealand release date is yet to be confirmed.