Jack Tame and Hilary Barry have kicked off their first stint on the Breakfast show - but viewers had only one question on their mind.

What's happened to the couch?

The pair, who replace Rawdon Christie and Nadine Chalmers-Ross, debuted a bright new set this morning that replaced the show's traditional couch with a shiny newsdesk emblazoned with the word 'Breakfast'.

Hilary Barry and Jack Tame interview a guest on the new look Breakfast show.
Hilary Barry and Jack Tame interview a guest on the new look Breakfast show.

The pair appeared chatty but nervous in their first hour on the show, and were hampered by a few awkward pauses as they got into their rhythm.


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They seemed to find their feet as they hit the second hour, flicking between the show's mix of live crosses, studio interviews, news and commentary with a little more ease.

Their sense of humour shined when covering entertainment stories about Kanye West and Mel Gibson, as well as during live crosses with Wallace, who was on a publicity tour around Auckland trying to promote the new show.

"People have choices in the morning. If you stuck with us, we really appreciate each and every one of you. It's not easy getting a new show off the ground," Wallace said.

The lowlight may have been delivered by new sports presenter Brodie Kane, who at one point admitted: "I've had no time to go to the toilet."

Viewers were quick to comment on the show's set changes, including the bright orange graphics splashed across the show.

"I enjoyed watching Breakfast because they had the couches and was laid back like being a part of our lounge. I didn't watch TV3 cause it was sterile and they sat behind desks! What do I do now?" asked one viewer.

"The new set is more like a news desk not a friendly Breakfast show where they are sitting down having breakfast with you," wrote one on Facebook.

"The breakfast thing is TOOO orange," wrote another.

"Don't like the new set. Looks like the news desk at night time. The other set looked friendly and inviting," said a third.

"Hmm, not sure I'm to keen on this. It's lost its personal touches. Where are the flowers?! I want the old Breakfast back."

Many were more positive and prepared to give the pair time to bed in on the show.

"Well it would take awhile to get used to the new team but yay we still got our awesome weather man Sammy," said one.

"Great to see a fresh new team, welcome everyone, missed seeing your smiling face Hilary," said another.

The show's previous presenters, Christie and Chalmers-Ross, have been farewelled over the past two weeks.

Tame and Barry are joined by sports presenter Brodie Kane, newsreader Daniel Faitaua and weather presenter Sam Wallace, the only remaining face from the previous Breakfast team.

It's Barry's first stint on air since she left TV3 in May after 23 years at the network.

The changes are believed to have been made by TVNZ to compete against rising ratings from Breakfast's main rival, Paul Henry, on TV3.