Prepare to feel old because it's been more than 12 years since Friends ended.

What does make us feel better is, despite all the years passed, some of them are still the best of friends.

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Take Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox for example.


In a clip published by People, the ex Friends stars and current real life friends go head to head in a bonus round of Celebrity Name Game.

Although the episode doesn't air in the US until next week, fans of the world famous sitcom were treated to the two stars showing off their Friends general knowledge.

After the host announces their category is questions from their own hit show the two actresses have a laugh.

Giving each other a sneaky eye brow raise and nod, they're ready to go. Kudrow does a slow clap, knowing they're about to dominate the round.

The questions start easy, "I was married to him - Chandler Bing".

"Where we had coffee - Central Perk".

"We had lunch with her every day, she was on the show - Jennifer Aniston".

The quick fire question and answer format leads to the true highlight of the video with Cox doing a dead-on impression of David Schwimmer who played her brother on the show.

"Hi," she says, slumping her shoulders and doing his trademark voice.

The buzzer sounds and they're both impressed with how well they do.

"That was good," says Kudrow, and they finish with a friendly high five.

You can watch the full video below.