Never judge a sports title by your first performance. If it's not a rule it should be now.

After missing a field goal attempt from very close range in extra-time I was ready to turn off the console and walk away.

One of the few changes to the latest edition of Madden had cost me my first game.

Annual sports title like EA's Madden and Fifa have this issue every year. Gamers want to play as the latest stars in the respective sports but they also demand new features.


The new faces are there but the issue this time around is there is really nothing else new.

All the major changes were made in the last two year so everything is either revamped or upgraded. Meaning more than ever this is just a roster update. A really good roster update.

The running game has been improved, and once you get the hang of it can be rewarding, but who prefers the run over throwing deep? Play the Moments is a fine addition to quicken your gametime but is not that different from being able to simulate plays or just play offence which you've been able to do previously. The long loading times are also an issue.

In saying all that it's still a great game to play and continues to lead the way for the sports platform. It certainly builds on the bigger improvements that have been made over the last few years and cranking out a season on Franchise mode remains my favourite gaming experience of the year.

Just remember to get the hang of the new kicking mechanics first.

Madden NFL 17
Platforms: PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360
Rating: G

Verdict: It's a new NFL season but with not much new to celebrate