The Hiddleswift "faux-mance" is over after three months - and the internet is loving it.

Memes mocking the demise of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston's whirlwind romance have flooded social media, with the hashtag #HiddleswiftIsOver trending on Twitter.

Most memes showed Swift's reported "celebrity enemies", including Kim Kardashian, celebrating the breakup news.

One pic shows Kim with her hands up in a club with the caption: "Omg!! I have been waiting for this!! #HiddleswiftisOver #Hiddleswift."


The meme referenced Swift's recent fallout with Kim's husband Kanye West after he called the Shake It Off singer a "b***h" in his controversial single, Famous.

Other memes focused on the possible reaction of Swifts's ex, Calvin Harris, who the pop star reportedly dumped for the Night Manager star.

"You just know Calvin Harris is somewhere yucking it up. #HiddleswiftisOver," commented one Twitter user alongside a smiling snap of the Scottish DJ.

Us Weekly

reports Swift dumped Hiddleston because she was uncomfortable with him wanting to make their relationship more public.

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But friends of the British actor said he called time on the match, claiming he final straw was Swift's refusal to attend the upcoming Emmy TV awards with him.