The dangers of going on television these days is that hosts are getting younger and younger - as Rachel Hunter found out the hard way.

The former supermodel- turned-television star has appeared on Hollywood Medium, a reality show in which medium Tyler Henry gives psychic readings for the celebrities of Hollywood.

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His client list includes the Kardashians, Bella Thorne, Jaime Pressly and more.


Henry tells Hunter there is paranormal "activity" in her Hollywood home, and in the show, Hunter eventually decides to sell her home.

But the star medium, born in 1996, isn't old enough to remember Hunter's supermodel days, and Hunter herself even says: "Being that he's around 20, he'll probably have no idea who I am".

She's right.

In the episode, which also features Corey Feldman talking about his late friend and co-star Corey Haim, Henry flat out admits to not knowing who Hunter is.

He simply sits down with her to talk about ghosts, horses and romance, and chat with a loved one who has passed.

- Watch a deleted scene from Rachel Hunter's time on Hollywood Medium:

But it's not all bad news for the Kiwi model, as right at the end of the show, Henry gets back in the car with his mum Theresa, who proceeds to lose her mind when Hunter comes out to say hello.

Tyler's mum sees Rachel Hunter for the first time.
Tyler's mum sees Rachel Hunter for the first time.

Henry later tells the cameras: "Mum was absolutely ecstatic to see somebody that she actually recognised".

Theresa, as well as continuously repeating "Oh my God", explains to her clueless son that Hunter is "a major beautiful supermodel - she was married to Rod Stewart".

She goes on to gush over Hunter, telling her, "You are so beautiful . . . my husband is going to die. It is such an honour to get to meet you".

Tyler's mum explains to him who Rachel Hunter is.
Tyler's mum explains to him who Rachel Hunter is.

And Henry shrugs off his lack of knowledge by saying: "at this point I'm not impressed by what people do for a living or what they're known for, I'm impressed when they're a nice person".

No hard feelings though, Rach. Henry also claimed not to have any idea who Corey Haim was, or to have any knowledge of the claims of abuse set forth by Corey Feldman on his late friend's behalf.

* You can watch Rachel Hunter's episode of Hollywood Medium on Tuesday (September 6) at 9.30pm on E!.