Paul Henry has made an astonishing Father's Day reveal - he once ran over his daughter with a tractor.

The TV3 presenter revealed the accident in an interview with Sunday magazine, saying the accident happened when his daughter, Bella, was much younger.

Henry, who works with Bella on his morning news show Paul Henry, said the accident happened when she fell off a trailer attached to the back of a tractor.

"I ran over her with a tractor once and she was running in screaming and crying to tell her mother that her father had run over her with a tractor," Henry said.


"She got to the kitchen and I just got there behind her when she said, 'Daddy ran over me with the tractor!' and I said, 'Oh for goodness' sake, obviously, she's exaggerating'.

Apparently, Bella wasn't.

"Her mother said, 'Bella, turn around and show your father your top,' and she turned around and here was this tyre print right across her top, but it was actually not the tractor.

"She was sitting on a trailer that I was towing and we went over a bump and she went up in the air and fell down and the trailer ran her over," Henry says.

"It's not as bad as she made it sound, she was just trying to get me into trouble."

In the same interview, Bella revealed Henry likes to drink between three to five cups of instant coffee when he's presenting the show, likes to make her cheese toasties in the microwave, is a "bit bipolar" and "needy", and prefers solitude on weekends when he takes his boat to "the middle of nowhere".