Television personality Suzanne Paul says she has split up with Duncan Wilson, her husband of more than a decade, because his "meltdowns" are becoming too much for them both.

Speaking to the Woman's Weekly, Paul - who is now best known as the face of makeup brand Thin Lizzy - said while she still loves her husband, they need to separate so he can "be true to himself".

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Wilson has been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome and, though he is high-functioning, he often has episodes where he'll start "acting erratically" and become obsessive, leading into full-on meltdowns.


The pair describe the latest episode as "colossal" and "catastrophic" - he stopped eating, became depressed and switched between working frantically and sleeping for long periods of time.

Wilson says Paul's fame hasn't helped issues, particularly with the attention she draws whenever they're out. So in the end, they realised they needed to go their separate ways and by doing so, Paul says she's also removing the pressure from his life.

"A couple of weeks ago, he started saying things like, 'you're still gorgeous, you should find yourself someone rich who'll look after you, who's not going to have meltdowns every couple of months. That's what you deserve,'" Paul told the Woman's Weekly.

"Better to call it a day when things are good than let it deteriorate to a point where we're going to hate each other. We're mature enough to realise this is what needs to happen. We can continue to be friends," Wilson added.

Last September, Paul and Wilson renewed their vows for the second time, just a few months after celebrating their 10th anniversary.

They were first married in Fiji in 2005, and renewed their vows in 2010 at the Hilton Taupo.