Animal charities have slammed Bear Grylls' reality show after contestants killed and ate a rare species of crocodile on TV.

Made in Chelsea reality star Ollie Locke appeared on The Island with Bear Grylls, a reality series which challenges celebrities to survive on a remote island for two weeks.

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After being encouraged by fellow contestant Karen Danczuk, Locke can be seen jumping on the back of the croc before stabbing it through the back of its neck.


International Animal Rescue's Alan Knight told the Sun it was "totally unacceptable to kill or abuse animals for entertainment", adding that the croc would have "suffered unnecessarily" as Locke wouldn't have known how to kill it humanely.

What's more, the crocodile was protected under the Endangered Species Act, and people are forbidden from harassing, poaching or killing them.

"This was a genuine and regrettable error," a Channel 4 spokesman told the Independent.

"Prior to filming, experts were consulted to ascertain species on both islands and the American crocodile was not known to be in the area or on the island.

"The relevant national environment agency are aware of the incident and have granted a licence to replace the animal which has now been done."