In the 80s, money equalled power. Greed was good.

But these days, it's all about your influence. Popularity equals power.

Sure, Gilda Kirkpatrick may appear to be the wealthiest of Auckland's Real Housewives but is she the most powerful?

Julia Sloane, Gilda Kirkpatrick, Michelle Blanchard, Ann Batley-Burton, Angela Stone, Louise Wallace are the Real Housewives of Auckland. Photo / Norrie Montgomery.
Julia Sloane, Gilda Kirkpatrick, Michelle Blanchard, Ann Batley-Burton, Angela Stone, Louise Wallace are the Real Housewives of Auckland. Photo / Norrie Montgomery.

We asked you who your favourite Real Houswife was and the results are in.


Nearly 6000 Herald readers voted, with an overwhelming favourite leading the pack with 45 per cent of the vote.

So, just who is the official power player of the Real Housewives? Let's start at the bottom of the housewife chain.

Drum roll please...

#6: Julia Sloane (3%)

1368 Instagram followers (sitting dead last in this field)

She's your leggy blonde ex-model who 'doesn't wear the pants' (...because her husband buys the pants and gets into the pants. Shudder.)

People aren't that fond of her. Maybe it's because she has a rather high opinion of herself?

Here she claims she's making her Porsche look better...

Do I make Porsche look fab? #bravonz #rhoakl

A photo posted by Julia Sloane (@juliasloanenz) on

#5: Angela Stone (6%)

Stone has the second highest Instagram following sitting at 5215 followers. Impressive.

Some viewers are relishing in her demise.

Facebook user Gerard Barton says "watching Angela Stone self-implode on national television every week has to be the greatest thing I've ever seen #prayforangela #trainwreck#rhoakl #teamgilda #teammichelle."

Sharon Dickens says: "I love this programme, it is crap but hilarious to see grown adults act like this. Angela, wipe that pathetic smile and look in your eyes."

Sammy Salsa tweeted some shade; "I would pay Angela $4000 to NOT style me #RHOA."

Megan Kemplay says "I'm hooked, but Angela? ...She's just awful..i just want to jump through my TV and uppercut the big Runt."


She is rockin' it for plus size models though... And you have to admit, she looks smokin' in this recent photo shoot.

#4: Michelle Blanchard (7%)

Only has 1896 Instagram followers (second to last in front of Julia)

She's the one everyone says acts richer than she is. Her ranking is particularly low in relation to her opinion of herself.

Maybe she still has time to prove herself, after all she is besties with Gilda.

But there are a few mixed opinions out there. Tessa Burrows tweeted, "Michelle nasty cow nothing nice about her #RealHousewives."

She does do a great selfie though. BTW, that's Mona Dotcom with her.

Great company💄🍸🍾 #rhoakl

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#3: Anne Batley Burton (13 %)

1612 Instagram followers (sitting in fourth place in Instagram follower ranking)

Little Anne sparkles like a diamond.

She fizzes, shines and laughs her way through almost anything. The champagne probably helps too...

As one watcher tweeted, "when I grow up I want to be like Anne."

If it means wearing glittery pants and living up to her self-professed 'party girl' lifestyle, we're all for it!

Party Time at The Batley Burtons!#BravoNZ #rhoakl #nzcatfoundation #annechampagnelady

A photo posted by Anne Batley Burton (@annechampagnelady) on

#2: Louise Wallace (27%)

2920 Instagram followers (sitting in third place behind Gilda and Angela)

Louise is coming in hot in second place and deservedly so, she's been a favourite from the get go.

Facebook user Suzie Edmonds says: "Go Louise... love her... they are the Joneses."

She can also pull off the 'glam-yet-classy cleavage' look like a boss.

Check out this weeks Woman's Day! #RHOAKL

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#1: Queen Gilda (44%)

She's sitting pretty on Instagram with 18.8k followers

The public has spoken and declared Gilda top diva dog of the Housewives.

She also leads the Instagram rankings with nearly 19,000 followers.

I like this look! #RHOAKL #gucci

A photo posted by Gilda Kirkpatrick (@gilda_kirkpatrick) on

Jamie Martin says "Gilda is goals, and Angela is nuts."

"Gilda is my spirit animal and I dgaf" says Tina Uzumakii.

Gilda also wins in the fashion stakes too; getting her "#Gucci #battlegear #warequipment #weaponofMouthDestruction" ready for the next episode. #SLAY #QUEEN

#battlegear #warequipment #weaponofMouthDestruction 😂😂 #rhoakl 🙌🏼 #Gucci

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