Kanye West unveiled his super sexy music video for Fade featuring Teyana Taylor at the MTV Video Music Awards.

And it did not take James Corden very long to lampoon it.

The 38-year-old funnyman took part in a hilarious spoof of the new clip on Monday night's episode of his chat programme The Late Late Show, reported the Daily Mail.

In the video titled Don't Exercise in Kanye West's Gym, the 25-year-old singer Teyana could be seen all oiled up while dancing in the workout area.


It then cuts to James who could be seen performing curls while sitting on the weight lifting bench.

Obviously distracted by the sexy gyrations, the British star says: "Sorry do you mind it's a public gym. We all have to work out at the same ... Wow, okay.

"There is actually a dance space that's next door that is better than doing it amongst the equipment."

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Being ignored by the gorgeous star, James continues his workout before being splashed in the face with liquid.

He responds: "That's too much oil. No one needs that much oil."

The Into The Woods star proceeds to ask her to dial it down but Teyana only ramps it up.

Then during the part where the stunner pops her derriere on the ground, James could be seen hilariously moving his head up and down.

As the ending of the video is a bizarre scene of Teyana made up like a cat while straddling real-life fiancé and NBA player Iman Shumpert while surrounded by their real-life baby daughter and a heard sheep of sheep, James couldn't help but poke fun of that.

He could be seen pointing out a large "no sheep in the gym sign" as he says: "Guys it could not be any clearer. Read the sign okay.

A lot of us only joined this gym because of it's zero sheep policy. Cat face is fine but these have got to go."