Netflix drops season two of its explosive true crime drama Narcos tomorrow, and it looks killer. Literally.

The first season of the critically acclaimed biographical series charted the incredibly violent rise of Colombian drug baron Pablo Escobar and the new season now looks to be hurtling, all guns blazing, towards his fall.

For those of us hanging out since finishing season one last year, it's been a long wait for this next hit. Last week the streaming service released an action-packed teaser trailer and goodness gracious, did it ever get us excited.

Among the many heart pounding shoot-outs, cold executions and exploding bombs, the trailer posed the question, 'Who killed Pablo?', before showing a rogue's gallery of rival cartel leaders, police officers and government operatives who all wanted him dead.


Sure, it's a question that could be easily answered with a quick wiki search, but where's the fun in that?

Brazilian actor Wagner Moura, who plays Escobar, is simply astonishing in the role, capable of projecting the menace that had the drug lord feared by his many enemies but also the likeability that made him popular with Colombia's poor. The performance is even more remarkable when you consider the show seamlessly blends historical news footage of the real Escobar into many of its scenes.

It's to the show's credit that it doesn't take too much poetic licence with the facts. It'd be easy to turn Escobar into a modern-day Robin Hood. Narcos doesn't. Nor does it shy away from the horrendous, violent crimes he and the other drug cartels committed. Knowing these events actually occurred adds a brutal tension to the show.

That said, the show is most definitely entertainment rather than a history lesson. The Goodfellas-esque voiceover of American DEA agent Steve Murphy (played by Boyd Holbrook) keeps engagement high throughout and explains exactly what's going on during those times on the show when a lot of things are going on.

Be warned though, Narcos is addictive viewing. So pray for rain this weekend because after you take that first hit you won't be going anywhere.