Forget Kim, Beyoncé and Britney, this woman is cooler than any of them will ever be.

Sure, some of her fashion choices won't be everyone's cup of vodka, but at 88, Baddie Winkle has just nailed the red carpet at the VMAs in New York.

Wearing a nude coloured jumpsuit dotted with gemstones and jewels - hello Britney in her Toxic video - Baddie was complete with a bedazzled cane. Basically, she rocked it.

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If there's one female (besides our mums) who some of us aspire to be one day, I reckon it's the Bad-star.


Now into her ninth decade, Baddie is a self-anointed badass and a mum, grandma (and wouldn't you love her as a funky friend?) who never lets anyone dictate what she wears when she wears it.

Baddie's Instagram bio boasts 'stealing your man since 1928' and with 2.2 million followers, she is serious A-list material.

With the Advanced Style Insta account, which features women and men showing off their eclectic style as they age, getting bigger by the day - and why the hell not - Baddie has an extreme cult following and is also ambassador for the LA brand, Dimepiece.

If you check out Baddie's Instagram account, you'll see everything - from cossies to minis to platform shoes, logo T-shirts, mega size earrings and lots of neon and fluoros.

Praying for the Basics

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Baddie proves that age is no barrier when you want to express yourself and while she has been and online star since the right old age of 85, whatever she wears, she manages to do it with a charm, fun, confidence and a whole lot of chutzpah.

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