Britney Spears just took to the VMA stage for the first time in a decade, and despite most people agreeing the performance was probably entirely lip-synced, fans are still happy.

The pop princess performed a handful of hits accompanied by rapper G-Eazy, dancing in front of an artistic shadow-play background and, evidently, lip-syncing.

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But Britney's actual performance was great, with the singer rocking a sparkly, bright yellow outfit and dancing with all the attitude of her pre-breakdown self.


Things got a bit raunchy as Spears dove between G-Eazy's legs and placed a hand on his crotch, but really, it's nothing compared to her past VMA appearances.

Previously, Britney's been known for her shock-value stunts - think the striptease from 2000, the python from 2001 or her now world-famous pash with Madonna in 2003.

The last time the singer performed at the VMAs, it went so poorly it left her embarrassed with People magazine reporting: "She was extremely nervous. It's been awhile since she's done this, and she was performing in front of all her peers, on live TV. She just got out there and froze".

But this time, despite the lip-syncing, the crotch grab and the brevity of the performance compared to Beyonce's before her, fans are totally on board.