Kylie Bax says her friend Donald Trump will make a fantastic president if he wins the upcoming American election.

The New Zealand-born model makes the claim in a new interview with Fairfax, in which she says: "It may be scary for people to think of him as being the President, but I think he will do an outstanding job," she said.

Bax has a long-standing friendship with Trump dating back to her days as a top model in the late '90s - and she admits she once tried to fix his bonkers haircut.

"I did try to fix his sweepover once, but he wasn't having a bar of it."


In a previous interview with Spy, Bax said Trump's appeal was similar to that of Prime Minister John Key.

"People will respect he can put great deals together and the way he can sell an idea to almost anyone - he is a very smooth negotiator," she said.

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Trump is known for his brazen speeches and controversial attitude towards immigrants.

But behind Trump's strong words was a big heart, Bax said.

"When I lived in New York, I saw Donald a lot and his extended family welcomed me warmly. Donald is a mega star in New York. Everywhere he goes, people yell out to him like he is a long-lost friend.

"Donald's sense of humour is very, very funny. He calls a spade a spade and he is who he is."

Trump is on the campaign trail heading towards the US presidential elections, in which he'll face Hillary Clinton when voting takes place on November 8.