Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton could be set to become the next Tape Face, as Simon Cowell is going to invite the pair onto America's Got Talent.

The music mogul is keen to see what hidden talents the two US presidential candidates have because it would be interesting to see the pair doing some TV entertaining rather than debating in the race for the White House.

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He said: "I think we can take it a stage further in addition to the debates, why don't we invite them on? They can sing, dance, whatever they want.


"I only just thought of it now, it sort of just came into my head. So we're going to put the invite out and it sort of changes the election process a little bit. It would be good, right?"

Like Cowell says, anything goes on America's Got Talent; Kiwi performer The Boy With Tape on His Face (aka Tape Face) recently became an international hit on the talent show without saying a word.

The Christchurch performer otherwise known as Sam Wills, thrilled the judges with his comedy mime routine and went viral after his audition.

Simon Cowell wants to hate Kiwi performer Sam Wills, but he's just too damn good. Wills - aka The Boy with Tape on his Face - has impressed Simon Cowell again, this time earning himself a comparison to two of comedies greatest. Source: America's Got Talent

While Trump and Clinton actually appearing on the show is rather unlikely, it's not totally impossible.

Cowell did admit he got the idea to invite them on the show after hearing Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine playing several tunes on the harmonica recently, including Bob Dylan's Wagon Wheel.

He added to People: "[I] formally invited Hillary and Donald to be part of the final this year because I just heard Senator [Tim] Kaine on the harmonica - he was very good."