The new mum shares her parenting advice and who the funny one is in her marriage to Ashton Kutcher.

You play the lead mother in new comedy Bad Moms. What has been your biggest parenting fail in real life?

I have only been a parent for 21 months so I feel I have a way to go. I've had little mishaps here and there, but nothing cute or amazingly fun. Wyatt is a toddler, so I still have time before I forget [and accidentally leave her] at home by herself.

Is motherhood everything you expected it to be?


Absolutely. When Ashton and I decided to have children, we went into it knowing as much as you can, realistically. Because we were so aware and we both wanted it so much, after I had Wyatt I didn't go, "It's much harder", or, "It's much easier". I'm used to working 17 hours a day and sleeping five or six hours a night, so as far as exhaustion levels go, being a mum was very normal. It's like shooting a movie; you're constantly tired and then you burn some energy over time and your baby sleeps a little longer and you sleep a little longer. You figure each other out.

You are pregnant with your second child. What are you looking forward to most about having another baby?

There was never any doubt in our minds; we knew we wanted to have another kid. Wyatt never came across as an only child. Sometimes you look at kids and think, "Oh, clearly they're meant to be an only child." But Wyatt loves to play with other kids. So for me, the most exciting thing will be seeing how she interacts with her baby sibling.

Are you ready for Wyatt's terrible 2s?

Sure! Just as ready as I am for anything. It's not that big of a deal. People are arseholes. Babies are arseholes. It is what it is. The only beautiful thing about your kid being an arsehole is that you know there's light at the end of the tunnel.

What advice would you give to other mums who are struggling to be perfect?

I honestly think that anyone who is trying to be a perfect mother is setting themselves up to fail. There's no such thing. Sometimes, as a mum, you do things that are perfect, sometimes you do things that aren't. I have never, in my 21 months of being a mum, had a perfect day. I've had days where I've done things better than others; I've had days where I've done things worse. All in all, I'm the best mum Wyatt will ever have because I'm the only mum Wyatt will ever have.

You and Ashton are both known for your comedy chops. Do you fight about who is funnier?

Clearly I'm the funny one, let's be honest [she laughs]. I will say he makes me laugh every day. Sixty years from now, when we're in our rocking chairs and I'm wearing a muumuu, I hope he's still around and I'm still giggling, because the greatest gift you can give is making each other laugh.

You're not on social media. Was that a deliberate decision?

Yeah. What I do and who I am are two different things and, to me, it was always really important to keep those things separate. I don't want people thinking they know me to the point where they feel comfortable coming in my house without being invited. For security reasons, it just wasn't worth it. I'd rather have my privacy over anything.

You're the executive producer of Made In LA (a new TV drama loosely based on the founders of Juicy Couture). Why did you get into producing?

I don't know if I'll still want to act when I'm 60. I don't write, and I sure as hell don't direct, but I know how to produce. From being on set for most of my life, it was a natural progression. I love acting and I hope to do it for a very long time, but I can't do it the way I did it in my 20s. I can't do four movies a year and I can't travel as much because I have a family and I want to be home with them. It's not a sacrifice; it's something I'd prefer to do.

- Bad Moms is in cinemas today