The upcoming movie Arrival is about a spacecraft invading different parts of the world - one of those places being Hong Kong.

But locals are a bit more concerned with something else invading their city.

The promotional posters for the flick were released recently, and in one of them, a giant oval spacecraft is seen hovering about the Hong Kong skyline.

But there's something odd about the cityscape.


To the right, there's the Oriental Pearl Tower - a tall building made up of columns and several spheres.

While a wonderful building, it actually belongs in the city of Shanghai. Definitely not Hong Kong.

Of course, people were quick to pick up on the flub and promptly point it out.

One Twitter user helpfully made a new poster, photoshopping the Statue of Liberty next to the Hollywood sign and coining the hashtag #HongKongIsNotChina.

An apology was issued on the movie's Facebook page, with "third party vendors" blamed for the mistake.

"An error in one in a series of posters for Arrival was made by a third party vendor. The wrong art depicted in this specific poster has been replaced with the correct art. We are disappointed to have not caught the error," the statement read.

We'll just file this one under "You had one job".

Arrival is out in New Zealand on November 10.