Nazanin Khanjani has come out swinging at Jordan Mauger, saying she rejected The Bachelor star's advances after his high profile split with Fleur Verhoeven.

She also claims Mauger got angry at her when she tried to cut off contact.

Naz reveals her new romance with Craig Sutherland in the latest edition of Woman's Day, saying she spends "every single minute" with the Auckland digital developer and aspiring stripper after meeting him at a party.

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"I'm just really, really attracted to his eyes, his muscular body ... I even love his beard - he looks a little bit like an Arab," she says about the 31-year-old.

But it's her comments about Mauger - who chose Verhoeven over Khanjani in the finale of The Bachelor, but broke up with her just days later - that are likely to raise eyebrows.

Khanjani claims Mauger called her "three or four times a day" after splitting with Verhoeven and begged her to come to Fiji to join him at his dad's wedding in June.

"He kept telling me he wanted to be part of my journey ... He'd ask me to send him selfies. I wasn't into it," she tells the mag.

Khanjani also claims Mauger got angry at her when she tried to cease contact with him.

"He actually raised his voice at me and I really didn't like that," she says. "I don't think a man should raise his voice to a woman - that's so disrespectful."

Woman's Day contacted Mauger to comment on Khanjani's claims, but he declined.

Khanjani and Mauger had obvious chemistry on The Bachelor, and many thought he'd chose her over Verhoeven in the finale.

Afterwards, Khanjani said the door was open on a relationship, but Mauger said too much had happened for them to be together.

He also expressed disappointment that Khanjani revealed the pair had had sex several times during the course of the show.

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Mauger hinted that his family had played into his decision to chose Verhoeven.
Woman's Day also reveals Verhoeven's new man in its latest edition, Kiwi photographer Richard Wood.