Bachelor Australia

contestant Georgia Tripos says producers lied to her about the cameras being off during her post-eviction exit drive and also threatened her if she didn't "bitch" about other girls.

"Who the f*** are they?" Georgia huffed in the back of the car after she didn't receive a rose from Bachelor Richie Strahan.

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"They all look like f*****g skanks," she spat, referring to the three intruders who were picked over her.

It's perhaps the most genuine moment we've seen all series, but Georgia says she let her guard down only because she was told the cameras were off.

"Firstly I was told by producers off air (the cameras were off) so I was kind of venting my frustrations of the day, but deep down I knew it was time for me to go," she told, with Warner. Bros later refuting the claims.

"I was told that the camera was off and (a producer asked), 'Tell me how you really feel?' And I just had a bit of a moment of frustration."

While she takes ownership of the tirade, describing herself as a "straight-shooter", the 24-year-old regrets her choice of words.

"I regret using the word 'skank' - I'd never use that to describe anyone," she said.

"It was a broad statement about my frustrations. I think the intruders are lovely and I didn't direct it at them."

The brunette says it wasn't the only time producers used tricks to get the girls to play out. She claims she was "threatened" by one producer when she didn't "bitch" about fellow contestant Kiki.

"The same producer that was in the car with me - he tried to get me to bitch about someone (Kiki) for an hour and then he turned the camera off and threatened I'd go home if I didn't bitch about people," she said.

In a statement to, Warner Bros., the production company behind The Bachelor, denied the claims made by Georgia.

"Both of these claims by Georgia are untrue. Occasionally participants are disappointed in the way they portray themselves on camera," the statement read.

Throughout the series, a lot of the girls are shown to be incredibly jealous of single-mum Alex and the white rose she was rewarded with. The rose allows her to have private time with Richie at every cocktail party if she chooses. While viewers are led to believe she's the enemy of most of the girls in the house, Georgia says they were all told by producers to complain about her.

"You should see how much we had to talk about that white rose - every time we had to have a conversation at the cocktail party the producers would say, 'What about that white rose?'" she said.

"We don't care about it, to be honest. It was a very controlled, contrived environment and you don't realise that when you sign up that you're selling your soul to these people. But I take ownership for everything I said."