He's remained mysteriously quiet, aside from a few panicked tweets, about his frightening experience being held by authorities in Australia.

But Geordie Shore star Gaz Beadle has spoken out on what happened when he was refused entry into New Zealand last week and subsequently held in a deportation centre for 36 hours, according to The Daily Mail.

Writing in his regular column for the Daily Star Online, Gaz revealed: "All that was running through my head was panic."

Gaz explained he was ready to fly to New Zealand from Australia for a promotional appearance with Geordie Shore pal Marty McKenna.


But his "battered" passport was flagged by immigration and he was refused entry.

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Once back in Australia Gaz was escorted to a deportation centre, with the star keen to clarify he wasn't held in jail as was previously rumoured.

"I was given a bin bag with my bedding in, that's when it hit me. All that was running through my head was panic," he writes.

His panic only worsened when his cellmate told him he had been held at the centre for over three years.

After 36 hours, which Gaz filled with games of table tennis, football and buying snacks, the star was told he could leave.

Gaz's team worked around the clock to get him back to the UK after he was told he couldn't fly internally through Australia, Dubai, America or Abu Dhabi.

He was eventually told he could catch a flight to Thailand and head back to the UK via that route.

"Miraculously, after a tuna pasta for dinner, I then got told to get ready as I had my flight through Thailand approved. Thank you, Thailand. We got to the airport and I was physically taken onto the plane by immigration officials, properly felt like I was on the Most Wanted list," he writes.

"Then, when I was ready to board the next flight, I had to sit with an immigration official again before boarding on as the last passenger (still accompanied by the official).

"The people on the flight must have been like WTF?! I felt like a serious criminal."

Tweeting after making his way home an exhausted Gaz reported that he was back safe and sound - and in need of a cold beer.

"And touchdown ... so happy to be back haha!!!" he tweeted last week alongside an emoji of an overflowing pint glass.

Gaz later admitted he was going to straight to bed in a bid to shake off his jet lag, telling fans: "Bed has never felt soooo good!! Speak tomorrow night."

The MTV star was set to join his co-star Marty McKenna, 21, at The Edge's One Night Stand Party in Auckland but was not allowed through security.

He tweeted fans claiming he had had a nightmare 36 hours - while using the hashtag "cellmates".

He wrote: "F**king hell eventually I am back online ... Last 36 hours you just wouldn't believe!!!! #iamfree #cellmates #blockCtabletennischampion."

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) confirmed reports that they stopped Gaz at border control and denied him entry into the country as he arrived into Queenstown from Australia.

Speaking to the site, Immigration New Zealand said: "There are certain conditions that all temporary visitors to New Zealand must meet in order to be eligible for entry.

"The onus is on the visitor to satisfy INZ that they meet all of the entry requirements at the time they travel to New Zealand.

"Mr Beadle did not meet these requirements. He was put on a flight back to Australia [on Wednesday] afternoon after being released on conditions which allowed him to spend [Tuesday] night at his pre-arranged accommodation."