When you're shopping for food the last thing you expect is for the groceries to start talking.

That's exactly what happened when Seth Rogen took over a New York supermarket and rigged it with hidden cameras.

The comedic actor's latest film Sausage Party brings grocery store items to life, so Rogen decided to share that magic with unsuspecting shoppers.

The animatronic food was operated with remote controls and a hidden microphone that allowed Rogen to shock customers by becoming a sassy cantaloupe, two grumpy pieces of bread and a sausage.


Many shoppers were startled but while others found it funny and were up for a chat with the foul-mouthed foods.

Some even taunted the fake food by eating their 'relatives' in front of them.

"Are you eating my nephew?" the cantaloupe - voiced by Rogen in a hidden room - asked a woman biting down on a piece of melon.

"Yeah," the woman replied, before taking another bite.

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Rogen pulled the prank in honour of his animated R-rated movie Sausage Party, which has been received warmly by critics overseas.

The film has already earned itself an 82 per cent approval rating on the aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes.

Sausage Party comes out in New Zealand on September 8.