Leanne Prichard and her daughter, 16-year-old Bella, can't wait to start their new life in New Zealand in the perfect girls' pad.

Last night, Prichard won the bidding, at $1.32 million, on The Block's House 1, renovated by friends Niki Osborne and Tiff Mair.

In 2013, Prichard, a solo mum and high-flying fashionista, had brain surgery to remove a tumour.

Bella was just 13 at the time, and for the mother-daughter-best friend duo, the experience was terrifying.


Last month, the pair returned home from overseas and started house-hunting, in a bid to find somewhere they felt "happiness, joy and love".

Prichard first saw the houses from TV3 reality television show The Block online - and when they were shown through by real estate agency Bayleys, she and Bella fell in love with House 1's New York-chic styling, outdoor living and open plan layout.

Last night at the auction, Prichard knew exactly what she wanted.

Full of excitement, but with low expectations, she bid on the house and won.

The pair can't wait to move in.

Last night, three other Block houses sold - with House 4, created by Sam Cable and Emmett Vallender, selling for a record-breaking profit of $380,000.

It was purchased for $1.61m by an Auckland-based property investor couple in their 40s who also have other property interests. The same couple bought House 3, created by Emma Diamond and Courtenay MacKay, for $1.510m.

House 2, created by Dylan Cossey and Dylan Guitink (also known as Dils and Dlyz), was bought for $1.341m by a couple in their early 60s, who live in Remuera and are downsizing after their adult children left the nest.

The renovators
The Boys

Dyls and Dylz:
Sold: $1.341m
Profit: $151,000

Sam and Emmett:
Sold: $1.61m
Profit: $380,000 + $100,000 first prize

The Girls

Courtney and Emma:
Sold: $1.510m
Profit: $300,000

Niki and Tiff:
Sold: $1.32m
Profit: $150,000