A pair of Wellington funnymen have won have won The Block NZ: Girls vs Boys, with a record profit and sale for their Meadowbank townhouse.

Flatmates Emmett Vallender, a business development manager, and Sam Cable, an HR advisor, sold the three-bedroom St John's Rd property for $1.61m at live auction tonight with a profit of $380,000.

They get to keep that, plus a $100,000 prize for coming first, taking their total winnings to $480,000.

That's $43,636 per week during the 11-week challenge, or $21,818 each.


Its the biggest profit in the history of the TV3 DIY show, and the most expensive house sale - the previous being Auckland couple Alex and Corban who won season three after selling their Pt Chevalier home for $1.552 in 2014.

At a press conference after the auction they said that while they were "very, very scared" as their house went up for auction, their day of celebration "probably won't end for a few days".

The winning team said they were really only expecting to make about $50,000 but they're walking away with nearly half a million - "it's bonkers".

They plan to use the money to "thank some people", give back to their builders and buy some new clothes.

But they said they weren't in it for the money.

"The places we've gone and the things we've done...people can't comprehend that as a prize," Vallender said.

"But it can't be said enough...this has been the most enriching experience of our lives."

Show host Mark Richardson said to the pair: "You have made this season, financially the greatest block we've had so far."

He revealed the show will be back for a sixth season.

The pair, known as the jokers on the show, faced controversy when they were accused of cheating. They had used the services of a style consultant but not paid for it. All labour must be paid for, as per the rules of The Block.

Their punishment was to forfeit the $7000 prize money they had one and split it between the other teams.

Best friends from Dunedin, Courtney Mackay, an interior designer, and Emma Diamond, an administrator, came second place tonight, selling their property for $1.510m, for a profit of $300,000.

The white tiled wall in Emma and Courtney's house was adventurous, but will it be a crowd pleaser? Photo / Supplied
The white tiled wall in Emma and Courtney's house was adventurous, but will it be a crowd pleaser? Photo / Supplied

Tauranga builders Dylan Cossey and Dylan Guitink, better known as the "double Dyls" came third, selling their property for $1,341,000, for a profit of $151,000.

Christchurch-based forensic analyst Niki Osborne and Tiff Mair, a TV set designer based in Melbourne but originally from Wanaka, sold their home for $1.32m, with a profit of $150,000.

Earlier in the evening, Dylz and Dyls took out the coveted People's Choice award - and the Honda HRV Sport X that goes with it - which they reckon they might take on a tour after the show.

Emma and Courtney nabbed the top prize for the Home Star ratings for energy efficiency, getting a 7 out of 10 while everyone else got 6.

The wins come after 11 weeks of challenges, bickering, house stealing, cheating and of course, renovations, the winner of The Block NZ will be crowned.

They've overcome mould, rot, enforced house swaps, crazy weather, fake romances, attempts at real romance and a Pita Pit diet, and all of the team's houses stand complete.

The houses have maintained their 1980s townhouse charm with split-level living and slanting ceilings creating some interesting spaces and everyone's hard work has paid off at the auction block tonight.

Last year, Brooke Thompson and her plumber partner Mitch Davies sold their Sandringham villa for $1.35 million, $190,000 over its reserve. So with their prize money of $100,000, the couple took home $290,000.

Brooke and Mitch react after winning last year's The Block: Villa Wars. Photo / Supplied
Brooke and Mitch react after winning last year's The Block: Villa Wars. Photo / Supplied

Taranaki couple Cat Glass and Jeremy Hill, and Auckland's engaged couple Jamie Johns and Hayden Campbell came a joint second with profits of $160,000 each.

Cat and Jeremy - who also won the show's People's Choice award, which includes a Honda car - sold their house for $1.32 million while Jamie and Hayden's Haig Ave home sold for $1.335 million.

And finally, Hamilton sisters Sarah and Minanne Kong's house, also on Haig Ave, sold for $1.272 million, giving them a profit of $123,000.

This year's teams were under a lot more pressure with the purse strings on their budgets tighter than ever; for every cent they went over budget they'd have a point deducted from their score. Even $1 over could cost them 100 points.

Prices and profit:


Dyls and Dylz: $1.341 (Profit: $151,000)

Sam and Emmett: $1.61 (Profit: $480,000)

Courtney and Emma: $1.51 (Profit: $300,000)
Niki and Tiff: $1.32m (Profit: $150,000)

The Block winners over the years

Season five
Sam and Emmett: won $480,000 (includes $380,000 profit, $100,000 prize). Sold for $1.61m

Season four
Brooke and Mitch: won $290,000 (includes $190,000 profit, $100,000 prize). Sold for $1.35m

Season three
Alex and Corban: won $307,000 (includes $227,000 profit, $80,000 prize). Sold for $1,552m

Season two
Alice and Caleb: won $261,000 (includes $181,000 profit, $80,000 prize). Sold $1,126m

Season one
Libby and Ben - season one: won $237,000 (includes $157,000 profit, $80,000 prize). Sold for $961,000