He used to go out with her BFF, Taylor Swift, but there's no bad blood between Joe Jonas and Selena Gomez.

It's a relief considering the Jonas brother is currently supporting Gomez with his new band DNCE on her tour of Australia and New Zealand.

"I've known her [Gomez] for a long time. I've known her since she was really young and we've toured on and off and hung out for years so it's cool to see, throughout the years, her success and how she's continued to grow," Jonas said.

Jonas dated Swift in 2008 and she has said her song Forever & Always was written about their break-up (Swift says Jonas dumped her over the phone to start dating actress Camilla Belle.)


But Jonas and Gomez are above all of that because they share a bond that can never be broken: that of a Disney childhood.

The Jonas brothers (Joe and his siblings Nick and Kevin) starred in Disney films and TV shows when they were teenagers (Camp Rock, Jonas LA) while Gomez landed her first leading role as a teenager on Disney show Wizards of Waverly Place.

"I think we definitely can relate on that, there's an unspoken Senior Year group of us that have gone through quite a bit. Whether good or bad we've lived through it and we're still doing what we love so we kind of just tip our hats a little bit," he said.

"It's one of those things that you'll always be cool with someone you've gone through so much with."

The other people Jonas will always be cool with are his brothers Nick and Kevin, with whom he shared a major pop career.

The trio, along with their successful TV and film career, sold over 17 million albums worldwide before splitting in 2013.

While Nick has been pursuing a successful solo career, and has already released two albums, Kevin has been focusing on fatherhood and is expecting baby number two with his wife Danielle Deleasa.

Meanwhile, Joe took his time to find his musical direction.

It turns out, he likes being out from under his brothers' shadows with his new dance-pop outfit DNCE.

They've already had a massive global hit with track Cake By The Ocean which has gone double platinum in Australia and reached the top 10 on iTunes charts in over 10 countries, and have released their debut EP Swaay.

"I'm living out a dream that I've been wanting to do for quite a while: creating music on my own and really taking time to make sure it was the right thing for me," he said.

"I had a blast back then [in the Jonas Brothers] as well but there were three cooks in the kitchen and this time I'm steering the ship across all boards, musically and things like that.

"That's a fun experience for me. It's different."

• DNCE support Selena Gomez at Auckland's Vector Arena on Saturday night.