Brady Ellison, one of the world's top-ranked archers, helped the US men's team take home a silver medal in Rio. But he's become a hot topic of discussion for another reason.

People are convinced he's the latest Leonardo DiCaprio doppelganger to emerge from the shadows. In the fervour and excitement of the Olympics, viewers have taken to social media to declare him to be a dead-ringer for DiCaprio, or even the actor's long lost brother.

"Leo DiCaprio enjoying some time off from acting to play archery in the Rio Olympics," one fan tweeted.

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"Many don't know, but Brady Ellison is actually Leonardo DiCaprio's alter-ego," another wrote.

It may be the greatest thing that's ever happened to Ellison (aside from his two Olympic medals, perhaps).

But does he actually look like Leo? The Academy Award winner, environmental activist, lumberjack beard and man-bun loving Citi Bike enthusiast we all know and love?

It's a stretch.

Maybe, just MAYBE when his eyes are narrowed and the string of his bow is pressed against his face. Or when he's half-hidden under a baseball cap, one of DiCaprio's favoured methods of disguise.

But otherwise, no.

The 27-year-old athlete from Arizona is now a three-time Olympian, nicknamed "The Prospector" because he's so good at "finding gold". Leo is one of the most talented and celebrated actors of our time but, while he did star as Danny Archer in Blood Diamond, he's never played an archer.

Ellison also happens to be happily married to Slovenian archer Toja Cerne. So there's that.

Unfortunately, Twitter has already made up its mind. Which means we're wrong.

Brady Ellison IS Leonardo DiCaprio. Case closed.