Tempers behind-the-scenes of TV3's hit show The Block NZ: Girls vs Boys are hitting boiling point as the pressure of the reality TV competition mounts.

In a series of interviews with Woman's Day the contestants have opened up and shared their experiences of being on the show.

Contestant Sam Cable expressed his shame at being busted cheating after he and team member Emmett Vallender were caught phoning a friend for room styling advice in the early weeks of the competition.

"Being plastered on the front page of the newspaper for doing bad things isn't something I ever expected when coming into The Block," Sam said. "The was one of the biggest and toughest weeks we did on the show, both emotionally and mentally."


However, one team member took the interview as an opportunity to lash out at a rival.

In an unguarded moment, Dyls Cossie revealed he has no time for fellow competitor, Tiffany Mair.

"I really do not like Tiff," he told the magazine. "She's a strong personality and we butt heads."

"I just don't like the person she is."

However Dyls' diss is unlikely to upset the Melbourne-based stylist and set dresser who prides herself on her 'you go girl' attitude.

"I'm quite a strong woman," she said. "While some people may think it's a negative thing I won't apologise for being feisty, strong and decisive."

Thanks to this exchange it's safe to say the girls have definitely beaten the boys in the good manners competition. But who will win the actual competition?

Team Orange's Dyls (27) and Dylz (25) from The Block NZ: Girls vs Boys.
Team Orange's Dyls (27) and Dylz (25) from The Block NZ: Girls vs Boys.

Will Dyls' sledging attempt unnerve Tiff? Will Tiff strike back? Will this exchange lead to an almighty bust-up on live television?


Find out during Sunday night's live auction, which kicks off at 7pm on TV3.