It was a hilarious evening of unintentional personal revelations when the rival teams of The Block NZ faced off on All Star Family Feud on Thursday night.

The Block's theme of Boys vs Girls continued as Courtney, Emma, Niki and Tiff took on Sam, Emmett, Dyls and Dylz in the game show which requires contestants to guess the most commonly given answer to a question.

Niki and Sam were first up, with host Dai Henwood asking them to name things people might practise kissing on.

Niki slammed her buzzer with Dai joking she was maybe a little too quick off the mark. She answered, "your hand", but Sam's guess of "a pillow" won, leading the boys to a round of celebratory high fives, hugs and bum pats.

The boys team was full of testosterone-fueled enthusiasm.
The boys team was full of testosterone-fueled enthusiasm.

Still on the same question, Emmett answered "blow up doll" and big Dyls answered "mannequin".

Little Dylz - whose single status has been well established already on The Block - was next.

Before throwing him the question Dai said, "You could be the next Bachelor - you're single and ready to mingle, so you must be doing a bit of practise, mate".

Somewhat tellingly, Dylz answered, "a mirror. You can look at yourself, mate".

The bizarre answer leading Dai to quip, "if only I could meet someone that looks like Dylz, eh?"

Sam raised the disturbing stakes with his answer of, "Your partner. Keep practising for other partners".

Dai asked if Sam currently had a partner. After saying that he did not, Dai quipped, "can see why...".

But it was Big Dyls' second answer that really took the disturbing cake. When asked what people might practise kissing on he answered, "your dog," before proceeding to describe his own dog as "sexy" and "sleek", leaving the rest of us wondering just what exactly the sleep deprivation on The Block was doing to these guys.


But it wasn't just the boys. When asked to name something people commonly dreamed about, Tiff slammed the buzzer and answered "other people's husbands".

Everyone reacts to Tiff's revelation about other people's husbands.
Everyone reacts to Tiff's revelation about other people's husbands.

That she did so with such speed, conviction and specificity left us wondering exactly where that came from but she said "it just came out". Her teammates nearly fell over and a shocked Dai spluttered: "Well, All Star Family Feud just got real!".

On the same question, Emmett - who we'll point out was surrounded by his current workmates - answered "people at work", with Dylz saying "TV stars," and Sam answering "sex". All of which did nothing to dispel the myth that some of the Block contestants are struggling in the romance department.

When asked to name something you associate with wax, Emmett replied, "genitals", referring to a bikini wax or 'Brazilian'.

Big Dyls, for reasons unknown, answered, "sex". Dai shot back, "Well, who knows what you're into mate, you've got no sleeves on your hoodie".

Between all the sex and relationship questions, the jabs at the girls being thieves, jokes about gumboot throwing, low-fat fruit, and some good, old-fashioned, battle of the sexes rivalry, All Star Family Feud was a hilariously good time.

Emma's got crazy eyes

OMG! Who knew Emma had such a rare talent?

Posted by Family Feud New Zealand on Thursday, 4 August 2016

And, when it was all said and done, the two teams collectively raised more than $9000 for their respective charities, the Prostate Cancer Foundation and the SPCA.

You can watch all the good times on demand here.