Dave Franco, Cara Delevingne and James Corden just upped the ante in an intense three-way rap battle.

Appearing in Drop The Mic, a popular new segment on Corden's Late Late Show, the trio stepped into the ring and held nothing back, making for the show's most brutal battle yet.

Corden went in on Franco first, saying he "wasn't famous enough" and he was "pretty sure we actually meant to book your brother [James Franco]."

He then stepped up to Delevingne, criticising her acting and going so far as to say: "You're perfect for Suicide Squad, I'm being heartfelt, because when I see you try to act it makes me want to kill myself".


To which Delevingne responded with an even harsher: "I've never heard a better reason for me to act".

Franco picked on Delevingne for "trying to hide an accent thicker than your eyebrows" and proceeded to call Corden "a less talented, much fatter Mr Bean".

But it was Delevingne who took it out by telling Corden the success of his segment Carpool Karaoke was "purely luck" before going all in on both Franco and Corden with the diss: "you're both shorter than me and I think that you'll find I've hooked up with hotter girls than both of you combined".

Drop The Mic has only been going for about two months or so, but has already seen stars like Kevin Hart, Anne Hathaway, David Schwimmer and Rebel Wilson face off against Corden.