For what should be a simple exercise in soundtrack cash-ins, the Ghostbusters OST sure makes a mess of things.

It's got all the elements you'd think would make it a success, like rising Blues-pop singer Elle King running riot on Good Girls, a lazer blast of futurised R&B from G-Eazy and Jeremih called Saw It Coming, and brilliant UK fuzz-rock outfit Wolf Alice giving Ghoster their shoegazing all.

It's even got Aussie upstarts 5 Seconds of Summer running around in homemade Ghostbusters outfits and shrieking about girls in those eternal falsettos of theirs on Girls Talk Boys.

That's the point that things really start getting weird. Mark Ronson is paired with Passion Pit and AA$P Ferg for the first of many terrible reworkings of Ray Parker jnr's original theme song, a wonky dance-pop shocker that features Ferg phoning in his lines like he's snared in a ghost trap.


But the album's nadir comes courtesy of Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliott on Ghostbusters (I'm Not Afraid), one of those songs you hear that you instantly wish you hadn't.

By the time Ray Parker jnr's classic gets tagged on to the end, it feels like an apology, and you'll definitely feel like you're owed one.

Ghostbusters OST


One giant splodge of neon gloop