We all know behind every perfectly posed woman, there's a patient husband/boyfriend/partner taking dozens of faux candid shots on his iPhone.

Turns out even Jay-Z can't escape that rule when it comes to his wife Beyonce.

He's one of the new wave of 'Instagram husbands' - a term to describe men who are forced to be the cameraman in our never-ending quest for the perfect social media snap.

A recently released picture of Beyonce and Jay-Z reveals that fame is no exemption from the title. In the image, uploaded to the Lemonade singer's website, Beyonce is seen posing in an elevator lift, while her husband is reflected in the mirror holding the camera phone.


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Of course, the internet loves it.

Beyonce (who's just scored a career-best 11 MTV Video Music Award nominations) is currently taking her Formation World Tour across Europe, with Jay-Z and daughter Blue Ivy in tow.