A group of Palmerston North retirees have given new life to a Taylor Swift song, just when the pop star might need it most.

Swift came under fire last week when Kim Kardashian posted a recording of Swift on the phone to Kanye West approving song lyrics about her - a conversation Swift had previously maintained never took place.

It seemed like dark times for the singer after both fans and fellow celebrities turned on Swift, but now the folks at Julia Wallace Retirement Village may have something to cheer her up.

The group famed for taking over their local Westfield mall with a flashmob set to Pharrell's Happy has made a new video to pay tribute to entertainment's biggest name right now.


Their clip - set to Swift's Shake It Off - was made over the course of a week, complete with green screens, choreography workshops and wardrobe and makeup departments.

The retirees boast a combined age of more than 4000 years, and the average age among the group is 82 - which is why the Youtube channel they feature on is called 80-odd Years of Happy.

There, you can see retirees from villages around New Zealand dancing to pop songs, taking part in fashion shows and flash-choirs, and making clips like this one of Edmund Hillary Retirement Village's residents doing a disco tribute: