Just a few years ago Harley Stretan - aka Flume - was a little known Australian artist making beats in his Sydney bedroom. It wasn't long before he was signed to a record lable and lauded around the world for his addictive hooks and futuristic beats.

His show at Vector Arena was a step up from the 24-year-old's previous encounters in New Zealand, which have largely been relegated to muddy festival grounds, and reflect both his growing maturity as an artist and the huge success of his sophomore album Skin.

The sellout show saw some diehard fans fork out up to $800 for tickets on Trade Me.

Flume captivated the sellout crowd at Auckland's Vector Arena. Photo / Leah Victoria, Libel Music
Flume captivated the sellout crowd at Auckland's Vector Arena. Photo / Leah Victoria, Libel Music

Inside Vector Arena, the stage lit up like a spaceship with lighting synchronised perfectly to the music, along with dazzling visuals that set the mood for each song.


Flume's show is an immersive experience, teasing every one of your senses until you're captivated and desperate for the beat to drop.

Bass-thumping track Free sent hypnotic waves across the crowd as an explosion of lighting flashed in synch to Flume pounding on a drum machine.

As a producer, he seamlessly blends his more atmospheric songs into his dance floor anthems, slowly building them up.

By the end of the show, it felt like a full-on rave, with girls bouncing on their boyfriends' shoulders and chanting the chorus of his biggest hits including Say It and Never Be Like You.

Flume couldn't come to Auckland without dropping his remix of Lorde's Tennis Court. It does what every good remix should; with Flume making the song his own song while honouring the soul of the original.

As Lorde continues to work on her much-anticipated second album, fans will be hoping she teams up with her Aussie mate once again to produce another banger.

While electronic producers come and go, Flume has crafted a sound that goes beyond the hype and proven he has the creative flair to keep building on his success.