What the hell is wrong with the world?

I hear that every single day as a journalist. When there is death and destruction on almost a daily basis and the general population question the morality and general empathy of their fellow man, woman and child multiple times a day.

But the question, nay the statement I am making today, is while there is so much in this world we cannot control, how is it we have allowed people like the Kardashians take up so much of our time and money?

It angers me. It angers me that these women call for women's rights, while at the same time slut shame a teenage girl on social media, have gained so much of our time and space.


What tipped me over the edge was a tweet by one of the Kardashian sisters Khloe. She sent out a graphic and explicit tweet about Chloe Grace Moretz, a teenage girl, with an X-rated photo.

She tweeted after the actress labelled Kim's latest drama with Taylor Swift as "petulant and unimportant".

In what world do we want these people as role models or even public figures to future generations?

Forbes recently put Kim Kardashian on the front of their magazine for landing the number 42 spot on Forbes' Celebrity 100 list after earning $US51 million this year - and around 40 per cent of that was just from the app.

The game syncs her daily life with her virtual life. She was lauded for conquering the tech world in the magazine. Wrong. All she is doing is targeting young, impressionable girls with disposable income. She is not a tech giant, she is a tech leech.

The only saving grace for this family is what they have done for female body image and the fight against slut shaming which has only come about as an aside to their narcissism.

Kim Kardashian recently "fought" for the rights of women to be proud of their bodies. But again this stems from a narcissistic need to push out her polished image.

This needs to stop. Yes, the media does put them in a spotlight, I am in no way denying that, but that is a result of the thirst for information on them from the general public.

While people complain about the need for more important news or the frivolous nature of Kardashian news, I can almost guarantee you Kardashian based stories across the world are some of the most popular.

While stories about great women such as Malala Yousafzai or Melinda Gates go untouched, a story on the new hair product used by a Kardashian goes viral. That is the sad reality.