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Robb Nash is a Canadian rock musician. One day, a young girl handed him a suicide note. She said that she had changed her mind and didn't need it anymore. So Nash talked to groups of teens, urging them not to make this terrible choice. And so more fans sent in their suicide notes, as well as razor blades and bullets that they had planned to use. Over time, he's received 535 notes from young people who are thinking about suicide. Nash started tattooing their names on his arm. Now he's got 120 names of suicide survivors on his arm. He tells BuzzFeed: "I say, 'Look at my arm. These kids had the same thoughts as you, and they're still here."


"It may be full of girls, but..." This is how the reboot of 80s classic, Ghostbusters was promoted by one local cinema company. They replaced the casual sexism with casual omission: "Gadgets? Check. Uniforms? Check. Chris Hemsworth? Check." What about the leading ladies, guys? The film has had flak for its female-led cast - the IMBD review is headlined: "Who ya gonna call? Male-Bashers!" and has disabled comments on the movie because "you guys can't get it together and grow up" - but as Wired's Angela Watercutter explains, the 2016 version is on a hiding-to-nowhere for other reasons. "The real issue is that no follow-up could ever satisfy fan expectations," she writes. " The 1984 film was lightning in a bottle: a movie with a goofy premise that boasted five comedians in their prime and a Sigourney Weaver who was still riding her post-Alien high. It's a comedy classic that people have had decades to treasure. And even when you've got a bottle full of lightning, it'll never strike in the same place twice."

Bad boat names

Things were cooler in the 80s when everyone had a boat, before the crash. "I owned a boat called FLASHER and my friend Jeff owned a boat called INDECENT EXPOSURE," writes Russell Keach. "Coast guard once took us to task about being silly on the radio when calling. Other friends had boats called THROBBER, PACESETTER, and MEN AT WORK. Boats lined up made interesting reading."

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