We've had six seasons and 60 episodes of Game of Thrones, and even the most diehard fans often struggle to keep up.

Jumping in as a beginner at this point seems insurmountable...And then a hero comes along.

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Samuel L. Jackson has delivered his own hilarious expletive-ridden beginner's guide to the series in just eight minutes, taking us right up until "is Jon Snow dead?"


This recap is full of pearlers, but here are some of the best moments with the full clip to follow:

Forget about the dragons

"The first thing you need to know about this world is - no, not dragons. F*** those dragons. Focus!"

Fill in the blanks: He's had enough of these ... dragons on this ... show.

On Winter coming:

"The seasons in this place last a ridiculously long time - everyone has just come out of a long, long summer so let's just say they ain't too happy about winter coming.

"These motherf*****s are cold, which is why everybody should be worried about this long-ass winter coming, but instead, they're too busy fighting."

On the Starks:

"Nice family, right? Don't get attached ... I'm just sayin'."

On Bran Stark:

"Bran? Bran trippin'".


On Sansa Stark:

"Sansa can't catch a break, and is now stuck in the worst relationship of her life with this d**khead (Ramsay Bolton)."

By far the best part of this is the above picture, which Samuel L Jackson thought was best to represent everything Ramsay Bolton is about. Well played, sir. Well played.

On Cersei Lannister:

"Cersei thinks she's a good leader but she ain't, she's pretty much the Marie Antoinette of this whole situation."

On Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons:

"Mo' power, mo' problems."

Enough said.

The video itself:

If you're looking for a deep dive into every plot twist across the series so far, this isn't the recap for you - but it's a great way to refresh your memory or get introduced to Game of Thrones during the long wait for season 7.

Watch his highlight package below (explicit language warning):