Busted - the first ever hook-up on the Block NZ has been revealed.

In the middle of kitchen and dining week, the Block revealed it was Sam and Emma cuddled up in bed.

"I slept in, I was supposed to get into my bed," viewers could hear a voice mutter under the duvet.

"I've slept in, Sam."


Sam had company, and it wasn't his Block partner in crime, Emmet.

Emma's disappearance from house three was noted by her DIY partner Courtney.

"I cant find Emma, she must have got up early," she said.

An embarrassed Emma attributed her waking up under the covers with Sam to "sleep walking".

"I woke up in the boys room," Emma said.

But news travelled fast on the Block, and soon everyone knew.

Emma said it was "so blown out of proportion", but later could be heard saying: "Sam and I were getting it on."