Saddam Hussein's proficiency at killing terrorists has been the subject of much debate. Now, English-speaking audiences will have a fresh opportunity to assess his skills in another arena: fiction writing.

British publishing house Hesperus is coming out in December with the first English version of the executed Iraqi president's novella, the Guardian reports, just in time for Christmas gifting - oh, and the 10-year anniversary of Hussein's death.

The publisher, in typical book-jacket hyperbole mode, calls the work of fiction "a mix between Game of Thrones and the UK House of Cards-style fiction."

The novella has been published in other languages under the titles Begone Devils and Get Out, You Damned One, and its plot reportedly centres on an ancient tribe that defeats an invading force (hmm ...).


Hussein published three novels during his lifetime using the nom de plume "the Author."

Hesperus is no doubt courting controversy by picking the reviled human-rights violator's work as the first title for its imprint focusing on "Eastern" literature, the Guardian notes.

"We were concerned that some of the writers would not be comfortable to be associated with Hesperus once we published this book, but we're politically neutral," a rep from the publisher told the newspaper.

"We only publish what we find interesting."

11 Jul, 2016 3:08pm
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