Naz Khanjani has a secret weapon going into her big boxing match, and it's a whole lot more zen than you'd think.

Many thought the woman who spent her time on The Bachelor scheming and making "hit lists" would go into the ring swinging, but she's taking a different approach.

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She tells Woman's Day she's taken up meditation, which is already helping her with her preparation for her bout against radio host Lily Taurau.


"I've come to realise that the mental side of things is probably 90 per cent of the battle," Khanjani said.

The Bachelorette also said she is already feeling more focused and confident, and is feeling nothing but love for Taurau, saying "there's no way this won't bring us really close".

Khanjani and Taurau are due to face off at the Burger King Road to the Title boxing match as the undercard to the main fight between Joseph Parker and Solomon Haumono at Christchurch's Horncastle arena on July 21.