He's away on holiday but John Oliver couldn't help but delve into his fan mail. Or, in this case, his hate mail.

Oliver delivered a YouTube video overnight in which he revealed some of the disturbing comments posted under his Last Week Tonight clips online.

One wrote, "John Oliver looks like a mix between a Pokémon and a child molester," while another said, "John Oliver's eyebrows are alien caterpillars and move independently of one another."

"He's aged so much," said a third, while another wrote that Oliver's show was, "uniquely boring".


But Oliver said the most "discouraging" thing he'd read was this comment: "At least you serve your corporate masters well, you unfunny live action Beaker."

"I was annoyed I hadn't thought of that myself," Oliver replied.

"I don't mind being insulted ... but it really hurts when I'm out-comedianned by them."

It wasn't all negative. Oliver read one out that simply said: "John Oliver has magnificent eyebrows."

Last Week Tonight returns from its break on July 25. It screens on SoHo in New Zealand.