Since retiring from an acting career at age 14, you would have been forgiven for thinking Home Alone child star Macaulay Culkin had faded into obscurity.

That is unless you've heard of the New York comedy rock band The Pizza Underground, fronted by Culkin who cover the vocal duties and percussion. The band, synonymous with handing out free pizza at their concerts, does parody covers of Velvet Underground tracks, replacing the original lyrics with anything pizza related.

Indeed, they released a live demo in 2013 and a music video in 2014 and Culkin confirmed with the Press Association that their next release will be their last.

Culkin said: "It's intense, we have a children's choir, I hired a 120-piece symphony. It's the other side of the coin, all of our stuff is like jingly-jangly and this is this big, grand lush sound.


"Essentially that's going to be the end of the band and this is our gift to the world - 'thanks for enjoying our silly pizza band'."