Mike McRoberts has spoken for the first time about Hilary Barry leaving TV3, saying his wife had to counsel him as if he was going through a marriage break-up.

Barry left TV3 in May after 23 years at the network, 11 of those spent alongside McRoberts hosting 3 News.

It came after a lengthy period of change at TV3, with flagship news shows like Campbell Live being axed, as well as the departure of many experienced journalists and presenters.

McRoberts has stayed silent ever since, getting on with life with Samantha Hayes, who replaced Barry in the 6pm Newshub slot.


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But in the latest edition of Woman's Weekly, McRoberts says his wife helped console him after Barry left the network.

"I was a little down in the dumps for a bit. Even my wife Paul (Penfold) joked to friends at the time, 'Oh, it's very weird. I'm having to support my husband through a difficult break-up," he said.

He also tells WW that Barry's decision to leave TV3 was "disappointing".

"I miss Hilary. We still keep in contact, and while it was disappointing because we'd been together so long, I could understand why she felt like she wanted to take a break and get her life back.

"The way I got through it was thinking I was really lucky to have been part of such an incredible partnership in the first place."

Barry is understood to be joining TVNZ, possibly as a morning co-host alongside Jack Tame.

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