Misleading but catchy advertising.

Boat name brilliance

"Seen on the Thames at Henley, UK, a small boat with the name 'Cirrhosis of the River'."

"Angler Management."


"My local gym overlooks the Marina in Oriental Bay Wellington, and there's a yacht with the name 'TitusCanby'."

"Best boat name ever without a doubt in the world, 'wife's kitchen'."

"A neighbour's small fishing boat is called 'Bob'. Perfect!"

Now that's embarrassing

1. "I once lived in a squalid third-floor apartment," writes Jesse Mellon on Quora. "The place gave me a lovely view of the street below, but it lacked some niceties, like window glass ... Lots of birds lived on my street. They were loud and woke up early ... I took to keeping a jar full of coins by my bed, and I'd gently lob a few out the open window in their direction ... One Sunday morning, after a party, I was feeling pretty rough. The birds seemed extra loud. I tossed a few coins from my bed, but they kept up their chirping ... in my hungover state, they seemed to be mocking me. Angrily, I grabbed a whole handful of coins and jumped up on to the window frame, stark naked, and chucked them full force out at the birds. And then I realised the street below was full of people returning from church or something. They were all looking up at me, the crazy naked man, as I pelted them with coins."

2. Emergency sister Lou Davis writes on Quora: "I sat and painstakingly explained how pressure builds in the brain after an injury by using the analogy of a walnut in a shell. One of the family members looked at me quizzically - he was a neurosurgeon. Embarrassing."

Stranger danger concern arrives at an undie-standing

A reader writes: "This morning I was standing outside our front gate with my 8-year-old son, waiting for his cousin so they could bike to school together, when a man in a red van pulled over and asked if everything was okay. I replied 'yes, why?' He said that I was standing on the footpath in a T-shirt and boxer briefs talking to a child. When I explained that it was my son, he was a little embarrassed, apologised and drove away. But I'd like to say a sincere thanks to him for taking the time to check on a situation that probably looked a little unusual and could have been potentially sinister."

Hunting for bunting

A Grey Lynn woman is asking for help in finding a 10m length of heirloom bunting mistakenly sold for a song by an Auckland City Mission volunteer. Suzanne Kendrick lent the homemade bunting to the City Mission to liven up its stall at the Green Living Show at the ASB Showgrounds on Sunday. . Later Suzanne received a phone call telling her bunting had accidentally been sold to a show visitor for $10. The bunting, made by Suzanne and her mother Joan from fabrics of sentimental value, has been lent out for weddings, funerals, community events and many a significant birthday. So Suzanne is hunting for her bunting and hoping Sideswipe readers will be able to help her get it back.

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