The record-breaking sixth season of Game of Thrones has only just finished screening - but HBO appears to be on a roll.

The cable network's new murder-mystery The Night Of is scoring rave reviews ahead of its debut in New Zealand next week.

Based on the BBC miniseries Criminal Justice, HBO's version of the show follows the process of a murder case in New York through the eyes of lawyer Jack Stone and his client Naz.

James Gandolfini was set to star in the show's lead role, but after his death he was replaced by Robert De Niro, only for him to drop out. John Turturro eventually took the role.


The Night Of has scored rave reviews, with The Washington Post giving it full marks for creating "good, strong procedural television that respects the art form and commands our attention".

Hitfix said the eight-part show remained "vital and gripping" throughout.

"It's not an imitator dressing itself up in the trappings of a classic HBO drama, but the real deal."

New York Magazine also gave the show a positive review.

"It follows the Slow TV template recently perfected by the likes of American Crime and The People vs OJ Simpson, giving each scene maximum space to breathe, often more than it needs.

"But the net effect is hypnotic, like reading a fat crime novel filled with memorable characters and atmospheric details."

The Night Of will screen on Wednesday from July 13, then stream on Neon in August.